Rayana Dates – Home of the finest quality dates in Saudi Arabia for over 40 years.

Rayana Dates has been in the food business for over 40 years and is one of the most prominent brands in harvesting and packaging high quality dates in Saudi Arabia. We offer a wide variety of dates exclusively selected from premium sustainable farms and prepared on our modern production lines to ensure quality and consistency. The environment and our customers preferences are at the heart of our business.

Our Story

Our foundational principle was to produce more than just date – it was to establish a company that upholds social, economic and environmental standards in all its practices. Over the years, we worked our way towards pursuing this goal of producing high-quality dates through a holistic and comprehensive approach. Today, after 40 years of hard work and consistent excellence, Rayana Dates is renowned for ethical sourcing, implementation of responsible practices towards cultivating and packaging optimum quality dates, forging strong ties with the local farmers and maintaining environmental standards. What began as a simple idea has evolved over the years into our secret formula to producing some of the best dates in Saudi Arabia.

Our Process

We oversee the Rayana Dates process every step of the way – from plantation to packaging. We prides ourselves in establishing a prominent presence in the Saudi food business and a reliable reputation amongst its customers. Our process is critical because we believe in delivering nothing less than best.

What Makes Us Different?

Rayana Dates are sourced from various regions of Saudi Arabia including Madinah, Riyadh, Qaseem, Hassa and Bisha. Basked in the Arabian sun, our dates are gently handpicked and packed by reliable packaging companies that ensure freshness and quality. Each palm tree is individually harvested and thoroughly checked for quality. We believe in perfection, and therefore only flawless and refined dates are packaged to ensure 100% value for your money.


Our core values are centered on quality, freshness and sustainability. We partner with reputable packaging factories to provide optimal packaging solutions to ensure freshness and quality and look carefully at the approach and practices of our partner farms. Our purpose is to ensure that sustainable, eco-aware agricultural and packaging practices are followed, and that everyone involved in producing the dates is fairly and properly compensated.


To become a symbol of a wide range of high-quality cultivated dates on an international level. Our mission is to extend the distribution of Saudi date products through elite local and export partners to optimally match market requirements and customer needs. We are aiming to expand our distribution through partners in European and Asian markets and earn a prominent place in the global market.

Our Vision

To share premium quality Saudi dates with the global market. Our vision is to make high-quality, fresh Rayana Dates accessible to families globally.

Rayana Dates Focus on production of organic dates separates us from our competitors

As part of Saudi Vision 2030, an enormous Organic Action Plan has been put-forth aiming to standardize the use of organic fertilizers and pesticides in agricultural process and boost the export of date fruit to 10 billion by 2030. Rayana Dates plays an active role in promoting organic farming that helps farmers increase their production as well as ensure that no chemical products are used, and the palms and fruit cultivated are 100% healthy. We have partnered with certified farms that collaborate with global impact firms to catalyze an enriched future for Saudi Arabia.

Our Products

Summer is the season when throughout the whole Kingdom, palm trees are laden with red and yellow panicles. There are over 300 varieties of date fruit; Rayana Dates selects the finest class of dates and supplies them, both as processed and natural fruit. We grow, nurture and cultivate date fruit from the first harvest to the season’s last. We know what you need to have on your table.

Sukari Rutab and Sukari Mufatal

These are cultivated in Qaseem region and are known for their mesmerizing brown color, flaky texture and exotic sweetness.


These black dates are cultivated in Madinah. They are deliciously sweet, plump and loaded with vitamins.


These crisp dates are cultivated in Riyadh and famous for their dual shade and texture. They are usually brown and soft on the whole but golden and dried at the tip with moderate sweetness.


Ajwa is the king of dates. It is cultivated in Madinah and has a dry but smooth texture. It delightfully melts in the mouth and is pleasantly sweet.


Majdool are large-sized dates with a strong honeyed flavor. They are cultivated in Qaseem and usually available all year round.


These are cultivated in Madinah and have a soft, dry texture. They are chewy in quality and possess a heavenly sweetness that lingers on.


Khudri is cultivated in Riyadh. It is dark brown in color and available in large and medium sizes. It is dry and wrinkled, and known for its distinct sweetness.


Sifri is an exotic variety of dates found in Bisha. It is golden brown in color, smooth in texture and terrifically chewy. It has a strong sweet taste which only adds to the craving.


These dates are distinguished for their big shape and fleshiness. They are cultivated in Madinah and are soft and sated. They are enriched with proteins and possess a vividly sweet flavor.


We make use of modern technology to package our products for distribution and storage. Besides providing top quality preservation, our packaging is also focusing on attracting customers’ attention. We have partnered with reliable companies that have decades of packaging experience and believe that an effective packaging adds value to the products.


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We offer a variety of ready-made as well as custom packaging. The standard packaging options include: Innovatively designed carton boxes Our packages are efficiently sealed, ensuring fresh quality and optimal preservation.

Durable plastic containers 450gm
Durable plastic containers 600gm
Durable plastic containers 850gm











Health Benefits

Rich in vitamins and minerals, Rayana Dates make a perfectly healthy nutriment keeping you energetic throughout the day. Dates are healthy energy suppliers and refreshingly sweet at the same time. And although small in size, they are a complete meal in themselves. They have an excellent nutrition profile.

High in Fiber

Dates are high in fiber which significantly benefits your digestive health by maintaining regular bowel movements.

Effective Regulators

Dates efficiently regulate blood sugar and keep cholesterol in check.

Contains Antioxidants

Dates provide various antioxidants that substantially reduce risk of certain chronic illnesses, such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

Improves Brain Functioning

Dates are abundant with potassium which helps improve brain function, lower nerve inflammation and strengthen the nervous system. It also reduces risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

Perfect Substitute to White Sugar

Dates are known as natural sweeteners. They are rich in glucose, fructose and sucrose, and serve as a healthy substitute for white processed sugar.

Mineral Powerhouse for Bone Enrichment

Dates contain several minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, calcium and magnesium. All of these are regarded to strengthen bone health and prevent bone-related conditions like osteoporosis

Rich in Vitamins

Dates are rich in vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, A1 and C. Ten dates a day sufficiently fulfill our daily requirement of helping the body cope with mental and physical fatigue.

Full of Iron

Dates are known to combat iron-deficiency for they are full of iron. They are a perfect natural supplement for curing anemia.

Radiant Skin

Vitamin C and D works wonders for your skin. Dates supply these vitamins to your body that make your skin smooth and entail anti-aging benefits.

Weight Moderators

Dates are a flexible fruit that can help maintain weight. The sugar and proteins are vital for weight gain, whilst being low in fat can help promote weight loss with the appropriate supporting nutrition.


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